Based on Proprietary Algorithms

Featured With the Dynamic Technological Environment That Allows Changes in Respect
to The Preferred System Connections and Data Representation

Accurate Pricing

By providing a precise pricing for GCC vehicles to the used market in the UAE, we attempt to evaluate vehicles based on two important factors: Depreciation Rates and the Life Span of the vehicles.

Technology Efficient Practice

We have invested heavily to make sure that we have the right infrastructure, people and technology to meet the demands of our customers.

Agent Supportive Services

Providing clients an agents dashboard for vehicles evaluation, inquiries and vehicle addition requests. Providing insurance companies a tracking record of their agents requests, most vehicles requested, average of values sent and time-day request analysis.

Vehicles Specifications

We provide overall details including the body type, number of cylinders, engine size, number of doors, wheel drive type, hp and number of seats.

Systems Integrations

Supporting integrations with our clients with REST API’s and SOAP connections for vehicles evaluations

Vehicle Evaluation

We provide a transparent and accurate vehicle valuation process to our clients using proprietary consequence algorithms as basis.

Welcome to Caraz

At Caraz, we believe there is a superior method to evaluate a vehicle in the used market. An increasingly profitable, less obtrusive way where clients are earned instead of bought. We’re excessively enthusiastic about it, and our central goal is to help individuals accomplish it. We focus on reaching the most accurate values to the business sectors. We consider this to be a opportunity: We’re eager to rearrange the aspect for everybody through our product

A UAE Home-Grown Auto Value Engine

Throughout the history of business, people use data to make more informed decisions. Our mission at Carzdata is to make the evaluation more transparent. Today we provide the most accurate vehicle evaluations in the industry. We want to make this data available to as many people as possible

Discover The Top Benefits Of Carzdata

Data Updates

Real/Frequency Time update and Quarterly Update for Vehicles values with special consideration for Market discounts and offers

Chassis Number Verefication

De-coding for VIN numbers into vehicle specifications

Imported Vehicles Evaluation

Providing the evaluation of imported vehicles into UAE market

24/7 Help & Support

Always ready to assist and answer your queries



Evaluation of vehicles is based on different depreciation models identified depending on vehicles different makes, body types and categories.

The condition of the car certainly affects its resale value. Its observed for a 5 per cent difference in value between a car in great condition and one in worse condition. Condition matters,but generally only a +/- 5% impact on value

Leased car depreciation

The lease price includes the cost of depreciation, plus tax and interest, and has a set buyout price for the expected residual value of the vehicle

Cars that depreciate faster?

Luxury Vehicles; they tend to have a high markup that causes steep depreciation

Demand and Supply Roles

The vehicles that hold their value best are the ones that have a strong demand when the vehicles are new

Do all cars depreciate at the same rate?

All cars depreciate at different rates. There are a lot of factors that influence how quickly a car loses value.

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